The ancient Greeks told wonderful stories about their many gods, goddesses and magical beings. These stories are called myths, and new myths are still being written today. Although the storytellers through time have always been inventive, each story had something in common - each god's personality and magical powers remained the same. Zeus was always king; Hera was always jealous; and so it went. These are myths we wrote. Each is a completely made up story, like all myths have been for thousands of years. They reveal a great about daily life in ancient Greece through the adventures of Herc (also known as Heracles and Hercules) and the detective agency he founded to help the ancient Greek people with their many problems.

How It All Started - The Hercules Detective Agency

Original Stories by Lin and Don Donn about the ancient Greeks

  1. The Misunderstood Minotaur

  2. The Enchanted Well

  3. The Missing Olive Trees

  4. Kerberos on Strike

  5. The Very Inventive Rescue

  6. The Scaredly Fish

  7. The Tricked Bully

  8. The Stone Zoo

  9. The Reluctant Oracle

  10. Olympic Team Herc

  11. The Bad Barber

  12. The Talking Tools

  13. The Mad Machine

  14. The Constant Chatterbox

  15. The Voiceless Storyteller

  16. The Monster Under the Bridge

  17. The Stinky Sandals

  18. The Awesome Actor

  19. Hercules Challenged

  20. The Golden Lyre

  21. The Mischievous Trickster

  22. The Magic Earrings

  23. The Rhyming Poet

  24. The Three Harpies

  25. The Pearl Divers

  26. The Festival Arrow

  27. The Dragon Egg

  28. The Dangerous Dragon

  29. The Golden Nugget

  30. The Moving Mountain

  31. The Monster on the Causeway

  32. The Amazing Matchmaker

  33. The Temple Worm

  34. The Charcoal Burners

  35. The Ionian Sea Pirates

  36. The Island of the Sirens

  37. The Magic Wool

  38. The Minotaur to the Rescue

  39. The Missing Trident

  40. The Terrible Tutor

  41. The Dance Teacher

  42. The Water Rights

  43. The Winged Monsters

  44. The Treasure Map